Almeda University 2022

Almeda University
Almeda University

Almeda University is an online American University . It is Pakistani owned and based out in Boise, Idaho. The school offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Religion, Life experiences, Business, Arts and Sciences. They offer a wide range of Zero-credit courses mostly for personal and professional development. All classes are done online.

The University was founded in 1997 as a distance learning center.

The School has an incredibly high acceptance like most other online universities. This allows students from backgrounds and nationalities to gain admission into the University.


Why Almeda University

As an online learning center, the University does not have a physical campus.

Its among few online schools that offer online graduate programs in computer science.

They have flexible class hours and good lectures. The University have a rating of 3.8/5 in 8 annual reviews.


Almeda University Ranking and Accreditation 2022

The school is not yet ranked among any online rankings for online shools.

It is a legally registered corporation in the Caribbean island of Nevis

It is accredited by;

  • The Association for online Academic Excellence
  • Interface Education Ministries
  • Council for Distance Education Association

Almeda University Address

Almeda University is a web based university. Its mailing address is 19010 W University Boise Idaho 837251 USA.


Almeda University Acceptance and Tuition 2022

The acceptance rate for this online university is almost 100% like most online Universities.

The cost of Tuition in this university ranges from $500 – $75000 with a median cost of $35000.


Degrees offered in the University

They offer a wide range of bachelors and masters program. The programs according to the availability of teachers and students.

The Cost of Tuition for various programs are as follows


Master’s Degree in Business Management

Tuition fee: $35,000-$45,000


Associates of Arts & Sciences



Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration



Bachelor’s Degree In Criminal Justice



Master’s Degree in Electronic Technologies



Scholarship opportunities at the University

There are no scholarships available yet at the university


Functionality of this online University

This University is currently in shambles. There are allegations that it’s a degree mill. It is advised that one steers clear of Almeda University and their affiliates.


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