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We are a group of passionate individuals who recognize the peculiar value of scholarships, internships and jobs. We know exactly how much burden it could take off your shoulders if you are awarded a scholarship. For this reason we work round the clock searching for  scholarship, internship and job opportunities that could be of utmost value to you.

We promise to always bring you the best at all time.

We wish to continue adding value to lives through researching for scholarships, Internships and paid jobs for all.

Our core value is honesty and integrity.


Meet the Admin


Phil is the admin of explodescolarships.com. He is passionate about educational and job blogging. He started this blog in the quest to reach a larger audience.

He has helped many lay their hands on fully funded and partial scholarships. He hopes to connect more people globally to Scholarship, internship and job opportunities.

You can end him a mail at explodescholarships@gmail.com